Create your own immersive presentation, then meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere in VR.

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1. make VR presentations

Easily build VR experiences, presentations, and trainings with no coding, then invite others to join you in VR. Simple yet powerful.


2. Gather together in VR

Meet with others inside your secure, real-time VR environment. Interact with objects and each other. Engage your audience to the max.


3. review, analyze, edit

Review sessions, then revise, republish, and re-use your immersive experiences - and work on them with others in your organization.


Communicate Better
Captivate and immerse your audience while conveying complex ideas and designs with natural ease. Use a wide array of powerful tools.

Do More
Whether your goal is lead conversions, learning outcomes, or immersive collaboration: get stuff done and drive results.

Save Money
Reduce physical travel costs by meeting virtually, without sacrificing personal touch. Shorten sales, onboarding, training, or design cycles.

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The Vizible Presentation Designer lets you create immersive, collaborative VR experiences. No coding.

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Cross Platform

Vizible works on Desktop PC, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift. If you need it to work on other platforms, reach out.

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Lightning Fast

For real-time, global communication + collaboration, Vizible is lightning fast - even if you're viewing heavy 3D assets.

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import almost anything

Vizible lets you create VR presentations with 3D models, spherical videos, documents, images, sounds, and more.

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Build Interactivity

You can use buttons and sensors to add interactivity into your VR experience. You can even embed avatar recordings.

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Collaboration Tools

When inside Vizible with others, you can use drawing tools, laser pointers, grabbers, remote controls, and more.